A true diva has dismissed the drama. A true diva's heart is open and she's ready to play by her own rules, rules that are gentle and kind.

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Divorced Diva Boot Camp

The Divorced Diva Boot Camp is a 5 week Program that I have designed specifically to guide you through the process of changing your attitude towards your divorce and the way you react to many difficult situations surrounding the process and your new life.  After participating in the Divorced Diva Boot Camp, you will be able to set boundaries and step out of your anger and into your new life with integrity and success. This program is offered live twice per year, and is also available in the DIVA STORE as a fabulous package of recordings and lessons.


What You Can Expect:

  • ~ Weekly topics will be discussed during our group calls.  They will be specific to changing the way you look at and react to your situation.

    ~ You will receive personal feedback, and coaching during weekly calls.

    ~ Time in between calls to put into action what we have discussed.  You will quickly find the clarity you have been looking for.

  • ~ You will begin using the the step by step strategies and effective communication techniques presented.  I will coach you on how you can take these skills and incorporate them into your life.  You will report back to me via email on your success.  Then, on our next call you will get feedback and clarification in ‘real-life' situations through discussion!

    ~ Daily, Weekly & Monthly accountability to ensure that you are taking action on changing your behavior and reaching your goals. This will be done through completing “homework” and letting me know via email how you are doing.  I am here for you!
    ~ Support…Support….Support….from me and all members in our Divorced Diva Boot Camp!

If you do only one thing for yourself during this difficult time~ this is the thing that I know you should do.


You are also going to be part of a fabulous group of women who will be there to support and encourage you while you take action in your life!  This is truly an amazing part of the process.  We will have our own web group where we can communicate in private.  You will develop friendships with individuals who share in your positive growth and will support you as you step out of the bitterness and into your divalicious self.  These are friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Here's what we will work on in our Divorced Diva Boot Camp!

Week One: The Diva:  Who is she and how do I get there? 
Here is where we will lay the groundwork for where we are and where we are headed.  I will define and establish your mo~jo…that specific part of your personality that will give you strength and power to get through emotional blocks you may have to move up and out of where you are.

Week Two: The Divorced Diva and Mr. Ex
We will cover a great deal on this day.  Don’t be surprised if I throw in a bonus call to teach you the many strategies in working with Mr. Ex.  This is an area where many of you have great difficulties. 

Week Three:  The Divorced Diva and Parenting
I am an expert in the area of parenting skills training and spent years implementing proven techniques to help you parent effectively. In addition, we will speak directly about minimizing the trauma divorce will play in the lives of your child.  This will be an amazing hour.

Week Four:  The Divorced Diva and Extended Family/Friends
We will examine the relationships you have and how they will likely change following a divorce.  We will discuss strategies to minimize feelings of alienation and pain in addition to ways you can set boundaries with those around you. 

Week Five:  The Divorced Diva and Dating
Who is your Mr. Yummy and how will you find him?  After doing the work on yourself, you will be ready to enter into a healthy relationship. We will talk about how to attract a healthy and successful relationship to your life.  This is FUN!